Sales & Export

Target Market
The company is looking forward for export expansion to Asia Pacific Region, particularly to Hong Kong for its Trams equipment and to Indonesia for the Soil Probe.

Willingness to adapt products
The company adopts a total engineering solution and ready to customise and adapt products as per client requirements. Clients can specify either by design or sample the products they require Desailly to manufacture. Frequently, client requests assistance in a trouble shooting and thus Colins' ability to find a solution is well recognised.

Relationship with clients and suppliers
The success of Desailly Engineering has been achieved through development of the closest possible relationships of Desailly Engineering management with both its clients and its suppliers.

Features & Benefits of Products
As most of the Company operations are of a one stop shop nature, except for powder coating, special heat treatment & galvanising, Desailly Engineering are able to manufacture, develop machines or machine components in-house & not have to rely greatly on other components to be manufactured & delivered on time & to a tolerance.

Soil Probe
The product has been sold Australian-wide for more than 18 years.
The product strengths and features are as follows:
- Stainless Steel Body and Tip. The stainless ensures no iron contamination
- Ergonomic Design for ease of use
- Specially designed tapered point for quick release of soil
- Economically Priced